mardi 24 mai 2011

WHO NCDs Consultation meeting-Brazzaville

Dear all, We have been in Brazzaville for the consultation meeting and the voice of cancer has been head. We have insisted that HPV, HBV and vaccines to be included in the outcome document, NCDs to be included in future MDGs and our position has been taken in consideration. More information will be found in the meeting report that I have a hard copy and I’ll order an electronic copy that I’ll send to you (It is a big copy of 32 pages). Specifically for Africa, other main health issues have been added in the declaration: mental health, violence and injuries. I think that at this stage, we have gained a sufficient success but many things remain to be done. As all NCDs are together in the same program, I have fear that the program of cancer has to be forgotten in the national level as many policy makers and stakeholders don’t know more about cancer. The next step will be Moscow meeting for all ministers of the world. I would like you to be present at this meeting to make sure that something important didn’t be omitted from the document and finally in New York for the summit. UICC is a big institution with more than 300 member organizations in more than 100 countries; I think that at this stage missing UICC representative offices (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latine America, etc.) is a weakness for the UICC as a union. I get accommodation at Royal Hotel which doesn’t have a restaurant and I could find my breakfast and diner outside the hotel, arrival on April 3, 2011 at 12H20 and departure April 7, 2011 at 10H30. I have sent you also, in attachment, the reimbursement form and I would like you to take 500$ US for AGIR ENSEMBLE membership dues payment for 2011 year and send the difference. I have sent you also some photos of the event, other photos will be sent after. Thank you and best regards, Dr Mateus Kambale Sahani Agir Ensemble/DRC.